Choose from 10 different visible hinge colours, optional ring pulls, door knobs or security bolts and numerous other options to compliment your look.


Or opt for our stunning concealed hinge; a completely hidden hardware option that’s available in selected ranges. The concealed hinge offers a great contemporary look especially when combined with the hidden easy tilt system.


Using shutters to control light or view can be operated in three different ways:

  • Tilt rod placed centrally
  • Tilt rod offset to either side of the panel
  • Completely uninterrupted view with the Easy Tilt option – simply lift or lower the louvres with your fingertip and the rest will follow suit.

We have a number of louvre options available. Typically, the width of louvre should reflect the size of window and the room, so larger louvres work best on larger windows, in larger rooms, but as always, the choice is yours!


Our choice of louvre sizes include:

  • 47 mm
  • 63 mm
  • 76 mm
  • 89 mm
  • 114 mm