Vertical blinds are an ideal solution for maintaining privacy without having to compromise natural light; the ability to slide the vertical vanes fully back to one side will leave the view through your window completely clear. A simple control to tilt the angle of your louvres can create dappled light or complete privacy at the turn of a wand.


This traditional blind is at home in both commercial and residential properties and is perfect for shaped or larger windows with its no-fuss minimal design and futureproof adaptability. Vertical blinds offer easy-clean practicality and should you ever fancy a change or style refresh, it’s as simple as replacing the louvres.


Motorised and smart home-controlled options.

Main benefits:
  • Wide range of colour and fabric options
  • Functional and affordable
  • Ideal for patio or bi-folding doors
  • Excellent for providing privacy and controlling sunlight
  • Perfect for residential or commercial properties
  • Child safety devices supplied as standard